Generac Generators Announce new 22,000 watt generator

Generac Generators are always in the forefront when it comes to innovation and improvement. Generac has just announced two new generators with innovative improvements.

Up until now, the largest air-cooled generator was a 20,000 watt unit. This year a new 22,000 watt unit was introduced. This model offers 10% more power than last year’s model, yet uses less fuel on natural gas than the 17,000 watt unit from the previous year. It boasts 10% more power to run your home for approximately 2% more money than the 20,000 watt unit with less fuel consumption.

The 17,000 watt model is now discontinued and has been replaced with a new fuel efficient 16,000 watt model, while the 14,000 watt model is now discontinued all together. The smallest of the automatic generators, which is the 7,000 watt core power, is now surrounded with a metal fire rated enclosure so it can be installed within 18 inches of the home just like the others; previously this model had to be at least 5 feet away from the home.

On the 22,000 and 16,000 watt units you can now choose to have the exercising mode run once a week as the previous models offered, or once every other week to conserve fuel. Additionally, you can have them programmed to run just 5 minutes rather than the previous 12 minutes, which also conserves fuel. If you are looking for a Generac Generator in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, your Elite Generac Dealer is Midwest Electric and Generator, Inc. 612-284-1550.