How Do Standby Generators Work?

Have you toyed with the idea of purchasing a generator for your home but don’t know how one works or even what to look for? The process of purchasing a generator is fairly straightforward and knowing how backup power works will make your decision that much easier.

To start off, your home receives electricity from your local utility company. When electricity is lost due to a storm or something else, the power is interrupted and you’re left in the dark. The standby generator’s AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH senses when utility power is unavailable and sends notice to the generator.

The generator starts up automatically to restore your home’s power within seconds and begins to generate electricity. The generator will continue to produce electricity until the TRANSFER SWITCH again senses that stable power has returned, at which point the TRANSFER SWITCH will switch back to the utility for power and your generator will shut down.

The electrical draw of some homes may also require a load control module in the system in order to prevent overloading your generator. The load control module directs power to your appliances based on the priority you gave them when your generator is installed. Don’t worry, your GENERATOR INSTALLER can help you with this part.

Home standby generators are extremely convenient during power outages because they’re fully automated. It is designed to automatically kick in if you’re home, or away. During a power outage. If you’d like to receive updates about your generator’s operation, you can choose to equip your new generator with many different types of notification systems, such as OnCue Plus, MyGEN Care, or MobileLink. There are also in home monitors. Most generator management systems can send text messages or e-mail notifications such as your home LOSES power, your generator is due for maintenance, or when your generator is running or shutting off. With this system you can keep an eye on your generator from almost anywhere.


In addition to being convenient, home standby generators are also extremely reliable and safe. They are set up to have a regular exercise schedules where they turn on every week and run for 20 minutes to make sure that the unit remains ready to perform when needed. They need to be installed by a professional generator dealer, who can size the generator properly, and install any load control systems for your high demand appliances that you may need. Call Midwest Electric and Generator, Inc. for a free no obligation quote. 612-284-1550.