Why Should I Install An Automatic Home Generator

Why do I need standby power?

Power outages are increasing in number and severity. There are many causes.

  • Overload / Failure in a nearby transformer
  • Human error by utility employees
  • A backhoe mistake on a construction project
  • Changing weather, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds 
  • Animals
  • Traffic accidents


Total number of outages

People affected



25.8 million



13.5 million



17.5 million



41.8 million



25 million



14 million

It doesn’t take much to be left powerless. What’s more, modern homes depend on electricity for just about everything. And if you run a business from home, or if you have lifesaving medical equipment, losing power is even more serious.

What you need is a reliable, permanent standby power system that can keep your lights, heat, AC, water heater, security system and other important appliances humming, so your family is safe and comfortable. And that’s just what we provide.

Why should I install a permanent generator?

Some people try to get by with a portable generator. But unless you’re an electrician, there are risks in that approach.

  •  Will the portable have been exercised regularly to ensure it will run?
  •  Will there be enough fresh gas to run it for an extended period?
  •  How will you hook it up in the dark during a thunderstorm?
  •  Will it have enough capacity to power the appliances and lights you need?

A permanently installed generator avoids all these problems. That’s why in the wake of recent changing weather in the Minneapolis and St Paul area, a leading consumer publication recommended a permanent installed generator for maximum effectiveness. It works automatically; you don’t have to do a thing.

*Source: Eaton Blackout Tracker