What is this generator load management control all about?

A generator of a specific size is designed to handle a certain load. When you are running your generator, you want to ensure that you do not overload it by running too much at once. This is where generator load management control comes in so that that doesn’t happen.

If overload starts to occur, the electricity can be cut off at the electrical panel. This is one reason why it is good to be aware of those items that can cause “invisible loads.”

  1. An air conditioner needs reserve power to start up. Too much baseload can prevent the air conditioner from starting up.
  2. Air conditioners draw up to 2400 watts, depending on how large they are and their operating conditions. When they start up, they can draw up to 4 times the amount of power they need to run.
  3. If you have any battery chargers that come on automatically and draw a large load of electricity, you may need to adjust battery charge rates only to levels that suit your needs or unplug them so that you are within the load that the generator is able to manage.
  4. Your standby generator has controls, so it is ideal to learn how to control it. You can consult your standby generator installer on how to operate your unit. This can include learning about how to manage the load and how to monitor your generator to ensure it is in good working order.

If you find yourself in a situation where a breaker trips, turn off all appliances in order to cut down the load. If it trips again with all of the loads off, then there may be a short circuit in the wiring. You can call your installer if normal protocol does not work so that you can receive the proper guidance or so your unit can be serviced. If you ever have questions about how the unit is controlled, you can ensure that everything is done properly.

You can also opt for your generator installer to implement off-site generator monitoring. What this means is your installer can monitor your generator from their office so that issues can immediately be identified. This is a service that can save you money, time, and a lot of grief. You certainly don’t want your generator to fail during a power outage. Monitoring services can prevent this from happening.