How do I know my Generator Will Work When the Power is Out?

When investing in a generator, the one thing that you need is confidence that your generator is going to function the way that you need it to. You don’t want the power to go out and then all of a sudden be stuck in the dark. Instead, you want the generator to kick on and give you electricity because that is what you purchased it to do.

So how do you know your generator is going to work when the power is out?

It is called remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring is a way in which you can monitor your generator from inside your home or even when you are on the go (smartphone app). Here are some of the things that you can do through remote monitoring:

  • Monitor health and readiness – You can access some of the common parameters, such as the oil pressure, engine temperature, the battery voltage, fuel levels, as well as engine run time and RPM
  • Control remotely – You can control the generator remotely from any location either through a smartphone application or computer program.
  • Configure remotely – You can set configurations remotely.

Most importantly, you are able to see how your generator is behaving without actually having to physically be outside standing next to the generator. Yes, it is good to listen to it from time-to-time to make sure it sounds the way it should, but there are some tasks that you can take care of without having to touch it. This is actually a safe way to ensure your generator’s performance. If you notice an issue, then you can contact your Minneapolis generator company to discuss what is happening so that it can be checked into and operation ensured. This will give you confidence that your generator is going to work.

You can also opt for the generator company to remotely monitor your generator’s performance. If they notice something is wrong, then a service call can be made to rectify the issue so that you are up and running when the next power outage occurs. You can have as much or as little control over monitoring activities as you want, as there are options available to you so that you will know that your generator will work when the power is out.

So why go to such great length to make sure you have these options?

It’s because a standby generator is such an important investment. You shouldn’t expect anything less than the best equipment, service, and technology to make sure your generator remains in good operating condition.