How Long do Generators Last?

A standby generator is a big investment for your home or business, so you want to make sure it is going to last for the long-term. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something that is going to be inoperable in five years. Instead, you want something that you can rely on.

But first, it is important to consider what elements ensure a standby generator lasts as long as possible:

  1. A well-known brand that has an established track record of long-term use.
  2. A generator installation company that knows how to do the installation right and offers you options to ensure the longtime operation of your generator.
  3. Regular maintenance that ensures the generator runs every time it is needed. Maintenance is the way to identify problems before they interfere with the operation of the generator.
  4. Optional monitoring service allows your generator company to identify when there is a problem so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.
  5. Do it yourself maintenance that includes keeping snow, weeds, and objects away from the generator.
  6. Internet monitoring, such as Kohler’s OnCue Plus, enables you to monitor your generator’s behavior.

Following these items, as well as the recommendations of the generator company will help you ensure that your generator lasts the 20 or more years it is meant to last. Standby generators are not meant to give up in 5 or 10 years.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that if the unit is an air cooled unit instead of a liquid cooled one, it is not meant to run 24/7. If you attempt to run an air cooled unit non-stop, then that could shorten its life. Again, it is important to consult with your generator company to ensure you are buying the generator that is right for you, what maintenance plans are available to you, and what you can do to help make sure your generator lasts for decades.