Generac Synergy 20kw Standy Generator

Sometimes you need a lot of power out of a standby generator. The Generac Synergy 20kw is one of those generators that can provide you with that power.

One of the primary features of the Synergy 20kw is the 200 Amp Nexus Smart Switch, which is a whole house automatic transfer switch. The moment the switch detects that there is no electricity from the utility, the generator is told it is time to power up so that it can provide power to the entire home.

By powering your entire home, you can go about life as usual. It is as if the power never went out. This is opposed to a smaller generator that provides power to just the essential items.

Of course, how much power you provide to the home via a generator is entirely up to you. Some individuals are fine with not having whole house power, but others prefer it. You have flexibility in this area. The features that the Generac Synergy 20kw provides include:

  • G-Flex Technology that allows the generator to vary its speed based on how much electricity is being pulled from it. It will run quieter and slower when it has to supply less electricity.
  • The generator is quiet in that you can expect the engine to sound like a luxury car when you are performing the weekly exercise. This Quiet-Test Mode is part of the G-Flex technology that enables the unit to operate at a low speed. You can test your generator weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for just 5 minutes at a time.
  • Less fuel is consumed when the electricity demand is light, thus allowing you to vary the fuel consumption based on your electricity demand.
  • The Generac OHVI Engine is so reliable that it can provide power during extended power outages.
  • The Evolution Controller is an intuitive controller that is easy to read. The LCD display with backlit buttons is easy to use.
  • Mobile Link is an optional remote monitoring program that you can use to remotely see how your generator is doing from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • The generator can be installed just 18 inches from the home if there are no openings near the generator, otherwise local codes determine where the generator needs to be placed.
  • The all-weather aluminum enclosure provides a great deal of protection in all weather conditions. The enclosure is made to withstand winds of up to 150 mph.
  • You can tap into your liquid propane or natural gas supply for an endless supply of fuel when you need it.

Those in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all throughout the Twin Cities that choose the Generac Synergy 20kw to power their entire home are able to stay in the comfort of their home during an outage. Imagine how much money is saved when compared to having to stay in a hotel during a prolonged outage. A hotel with the necessities costs upward of $100 per night and weekly rates can exceed $500. That doesn’t even take into consideration the dining out and fuel to get there.