Generac EcoGen

The EcoGen series of off-grid standby generators is popular in the Twin Cities because it is another one of Generac’s generators that gives homeowners and business owners the backup power that they need.

Generac EcoGen generators can be used for off-grid applications for homes and businesses, railroads, telecommunications, ranches and farms, national parks, lodging, recreation, and other remote sites. There are many applications in which off-grid generators are needed and this generator meets those needs.

Here is what makes EcoGen so special:

  • Built specifically for off-grid and hybrid applications
  • Runs on propane gas, which is a more environmentally friendly fuel source. Propane can be safely and easily stored in off-grid locations.
  • It is run by the V-Twin OHVI Industrial engine, which is an engine that was created just for generator use. It is a quiet generator because the engine runs at a low speed.
  • It has a 500 hour maintenance interval, which is quite beneficial in cases where the generator may be housed in a very remote location. This is convenient for everyone.

How Does The Generac EcoGen Work?

A DC current is created by wind turbines or solar cells and that current is fed into an inverter charger, which then sends the power to the battery bank. The DC power is taken from the battery bank, converted to AC power, and then that power is sent to the electrical panel.

If there is no wind or solar cells and the battery bank drops below a specific level, the inverter tells the generator that it needs to start up so that the battery bank can recharge. This significantly increases generator reliability.

What Sets The EcoGen Apart?

There are several things that set the EcoGen apart, such as the fact that it has extended run capability so it can last for many years. It has also received the Good Housekeeping seal for the fact that it has a good manufacturer’s warranty. The Nexus Digital Controller allows you to see if there are any issues. Some are easy to troubleshoot, but you can turn to your generator company for maintenance and repairs so you know that the tasks are done correctly. The two-wire start is in place to ensure that the unit starts and stops as needed so that the battery can recharge.

Lastly, the ultra quiet engine due to the low RPMs is something that generator owners love. When in a remote location that is quiet, the last thing you need is a loud generator making it obvious that you are running a generator. In remote locations, quiet is important and the Generac EcoGen helps preserve that.