GE Smart Switch Technology – Symphony 2

At one time, generators used to have to be manually started when the power went out. They were huge and would have to be manually refilled with fuel in order to keep running. There was a lot of brain power that went into the operation of a generator in order to ensure its long-term use. One wrong move and the operation of the generator could be compromised in some way.

Nowadays, technology is a very important part of generator operation. It is because of technology like Symphony II Power Management technology that ensures the generator provides seamless backup power.

The symphony II is an automatic transfer switch. It is controlled by computer, as it monitors home energy and manages power distribution while the generator is operating.

It is a very useful device to have and your generator installer can install the switch for you.

With the switch in place, the generator knows to power up when a power outage is sensed. Once power is restored, the switch knows to turn the generator off. What this does is maximize the efficiency of your generator, allowing you to provide power with a generator that is smaller and more affordable.

GE Smart Switch Technology for Home

For the homeowner, affordability is important. An automatic transfer switch can help a homeowner get the most out of their GE generator so that they can obtain the most affordable one possible.

Be sure to tell the generator company that you want a generator that utilizes an automatic transfer switch and discuss what you want to power with your generator. This is going to influence the size that you need, allowing you to maximize your dollar.

GE Smart Switch Technology for Business

Businesses benefit from automatic transfer switches as well. Several GE commercial generators can be outfitted with an automatic transfer switch, which helps the business operate generator power more efficiently.

When considering a generator for your business, create a list of everything that would need to be powered by the generator. You can take this information to your commercial generator company to ensure your business is outfitted with a generator of the right size and power. When you are adequately powered in the most efficient way, you are making sure you have the most affordable generator power. At the same time, generator power can keep you up and running so you can conduct business as usual and a good GE automatic transfer switch, such as the Symphony II, can be a part of that equation.