How Much Does a Generator Cost?

When you buy a permanent standby generator, it is wired to your electrical panel, which is a big deal because that means it can power a lot. You can power your entire home or important components of your business to keep it operating. This is definitely an improvement over the gas guzzling portable generators that individuals have been using for years throughout Minnesota.

A permanent standby generator is able to detect when the power is out, so it turns on and provides power. While those without generators are lighting candles and working on ways to stay warm or cold, the individual with the standby generator is able to keep going as if the power isn’t out around them.

The units are rather large in that they look like a central air conditioning unit, but they do run a bit louder and they can cost somewhat more.

As for the exact cost, there are many factors that go into play, such as how much the unit can power. The more kilowatts, the more it is going to cost. For instance, a 20-kilowatt standby can cost around $4,000 or more, depending on the brand and the features that are included. You also have to factor in professional generator installation, which ensures correct installation.

So is it worth it?

Well, here are some things that you can consider:

  • Power outages can cost you in the way of spoiled food and having to constantly replace supplies each time you use them up. If you have a business, having to close down can hurt your bottom line. A single outage could possibly outweigh the cost of the generator.
  • You are able to maintain your comfort during a power outage, especially prolonged power outages. We know that the Twin Cities has seen weather that has resulted in long-term outages.
  • If you need power for health reasons, then you are able to keep the power on.

There are many reasons why a standby generator is worth it. The exact reasons may be specific to you, but the above are the most common reasons.

The best way to determine your cost is to talk to your generator company. You can learn about the different types of standby generators, what they power, and how much they cost. You can also check out the different services that are available so you can keep your generator in good working order. Regular maintenance means avoiding costly repairs in the future.

There are many options and what you take and don’t take is entirely up to you.