New Standby Generators vs. Used

Standby generators have been around for a while, which means there are many choices now available on the market.

There are typically steps to the buying cycle:

  1. Determine that there is a need.
  2. Determine what need needs to be met (emergency backup, heavy equipment operation, and/or standby power).
  3. Research of the different generators.
  4. Analyze to determine the requirements.
  5. Choose the generator that meets those requirements.

Many individuals find that they are faced with the decision to buy new or used. There are some things to consider about both.

New Generators

When you buy a new standby generator, you do have a warranty to stand on if you need it. Of course, the length and terms of each warranty varies by manufacturer. You also have to consider that a used generator does have some wear and tear on it, so it may not last as long as a new generator. That means you have to consider longevity. Other things to consider include: fuel efficiency, ease of operation, and level of convenience.

When you buy new, you also have the experience of professional installers to ensure that everything is done correctly. Professional installation also ensures that the unit is working the way that it should. When a unit works the way that it should form the start, it will last longer.

You also have access to maintenance plans that ensure your new generator lasts as long as possible. A properly maintained generator is one that is going to give you the most for your money.

Used Generators

Used generators don’t typically come with a warranty. Because of this, rebuilt diesel engines tend to be ideal. The best ones to purchase are those with a low number of hours on the engine. The cost may be less, but you do have to consider that you may not get the longevity, which means you’ll have to replace the generator before you would have to otherwise.

When it comes to buying used, you may not get the latest technology .You also have to take the word of the seller that the generator has the history they say it does.

All in all, a standby generator is a major investment that takes some consideration. While used means getting a generator at a discount, there are some elements missing when compared to new. When buying new, you are able to take advantage of the latest technology, the most current standards in fuel efficiency, professional installation and testing, and maintenance plans that can keep your generator up and running for as long as possible.