Generator Sizing is Now Simplified

When considering a standby generator, one of the things that individuals find challenging is determining the right size. However, the sizing process has been largely simplified through generator professionals that can look at what you want to power, thus using their professional and product knowledge to let you know what size you need.

Companies, such as Generac and Kohler have also placed tools on their websites that help individuals get an idea of what size generators they need for their homes and businesses. While professional generator installers will verify the size that you are looking for, online tools can give you an idea of what you need so you can educate yourself beforehand.

Sizing Versus Cost

Of course, when considering size, cost is going to be a determining factor. The larger the generator and the more it powers, the more expensive it is going to be. That means you are going to have to make some decisions, such as what is most important for you to power if you’re not going to be powering an entire home or business. This is another area where online tools and the generator professionals come in very handy. Between the two, you can gather a great deal of information so you can be comfortable with your decision.

Online Tools Versus The Experts

When using an online tool to size a generator, you can enter the square footage you wish to furnish power for and then check off a list of appliances and devices that you would want to power during a power outage. This will tell you what size you need because the calculator tallies the total wattage.

If you are still not sure, the experts can tell you what you need based off of product knowledge and their experience. They may find that geographic location can determine power need or they may use their knowledge of the area and how many times the power goes out if fuel consumption is a concern. There are many factors to consider and, fortunately, you have the tools and individuals you need at your disposal.