Using a Standby Generator to Save on Food Costs during Power Outages

When you don’t have a standby generator and the power goes out, the only way you and your family are able to eat is if you dine out. That means lots of fast food and time spent in restaurants, which can add up. Sure, you may have some snacks around the house that don’t require refrigeration or cooking, but those items aren’t considered meals. You need more than that.

Here are some things to consider when the power goes out and you need to make meals:

  1. You can’t operate an electric range because there is no electricity to operate it.
  2. You can operate a gas range, but you will need to light it with a lighter or a match.
  3. You can use the grill, but this may not be ideal in Minnesota winters when it is extremely cold outside, especially during a snow event in which you may have to dig the grill out of the snow.
  4. You can’t use slow cookers or crock pots because the power is out.
  5. Even if you can cook your food, food safety may become a concern. Food will only keep in the refrigerator for so long and you have to ensure you don’t open the refrigerator or freezer too much because each time the door is open, the temperature climbs inside and speeds up food spoilage.
  6. To combat food spoilage, it is good to stock up on coolers and ice to try and keep it cold. In the winter, you can place food outside if it is cold enough. However, subzero temperatures can result in foods not meant to be frozen to become frozen unless you keep moving it in and out. This is something that can contribute to bacteria growth if you don’t pay close attention to the food’s temperature.

But you can keep your food at a safe temperature and prepare it properly when you have a standby generator powering the home. Even grocery stores in some areas of the country use a standby generator to maintain temperature in their refrigerators and freezers so they don’t lose thousands of dollars in food.

Over time, the amount of money saved from not having to eat every meal at a restaurant and not having to replace food adds up. It makes having a standby generator well worth the investment.