Steps for Purchasing a Standby Generator

A good standby generator company streamlines the standby generator purchasing process for its customers. However, it doesn’t hurt to know what to expect during the purchasing process.

Step One: Make The Call

When you are ready to purchase a standby generator, you have to call the company and talk to a sales rep who can match you with the right system.

When you make this call, you can talk about what you want to power and what your budget is. This will give your sales rep a good idea of what type of system that you need. It is a good idea to know what you need to power when you talk to the generator sales representative. For instance, you may want to power your heating or cooling system, a television, a computer, your refrigerator, a deep freezer, and the lights in the home. Specifying what you need to power will narrow down which generators will work.

Step Two: Evaluate Your Options

When the sales representative reviews your options with you, you will need to make some decisions. Some of the models will have some rather high tech options with them that you may want to take advantage of. You will have monitoring options, as well as the ability to control your generator remotely. You may want something with a basic control panel or something a bit more advanced. There are also automatic transfer switches that allow you to control what is powered when.

Make sure you ask every question that comes to mind so you can make the most informed decision possible. Also ask about warranties and, from here, you can move forward with your purchase.

Step Three: Professional Installation

Professional installation is important because it ensures that your generator is installed the right way. You want to ensure your generator is professionally installed because even the smallest unit can weigh 300 to 400 pounds. Plus, the person doing the installation has to have specialized knowledge of wiring and plumbing. Correct installation also keeps the warranty intact.

Step Four: Generator Maintenance

After your generator is in place, you can then have it regularly maintained on a schedule. There are generator maintenance plans that take the burden off of you remembering. There are also devices that let you know when your generator needs serviced. All of this is important because a generator is a significant investment that you want to make last for as long as possible.