The Smart Features of Today’s Standby Generators

The power output of whole home standby generators have improved a great deal over the years. Generators have also become more affordable even as their output has increased.

Another thing that has changed is the demand for smart features that tell a person what their generator is doing. People want to know what the health of their generator and they want to be able to do certain things remotely.

Some of Kohler’s newer models are the perfect example of this, as they have Ethernet ports that allow the generator to be brought online. By connecting it to the Internet and using it in conjunction with Kohler’s OnCue Home Generator Management System, the homeowner and the generator installer knows when the generator is operating.

So when a homeowner is on vacation, the Kohler generator can be accessed online so that diagnostics can be ran and to make sure the generator is ready for a power outage. Having remote access like this lets the homeowner know that their generator is going to work when it is needed.

Generac also has some smart features that they have integrated into their generators. These features can be added to the package. For example, a Generac owner doesn’t have to access information on the Internet. Instead, a small box can be hung on the wall and that small box can receive real-time information about the generator. This is done wirelessly so that the box can be placed in any convenient location in the home. From the device, a homeowner can run a test or they can see if the unit needs maintenance.

You can talk to your installer about the different high-tech options that are available so you can ensure the sound operation of the unit. When you are able to run diagnostics and keep track, then you contribute to the longevity of the unit.