Working Off-Grid doesn’t Mean Lights Out

Living and working off grid doesn’t mean that you have to give up living with electricity. That may have been the case many years ago, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

People and businesses in rural locations typically need electrical power sources outside of the utility system. Some may not pull off of the utility system because they want to lower their environmental impact, while others may be in places where utility power isn’t available.

So when a regular source of electricity is needed, the solution can be solar, wind, generator, or any combination of these to ensure that electricity is in abundance.

While solar and wind power are growing in popularity, generator power is as well, so we’re, of course, going to focus on off-grid generators as a way to produce power when it is needed.

Generac is one of the companies that have designed generators specifically for off-grid use and such generators operate off of propane gas. Propane is affordable and propane tanks can be filled up with a significant amount of propane at one time, which helps a person ensure they have a constant supply of fuel for their generator.

These standby generators can be used for residential use, but they are frequently used for commercial applications. The agricultural industry tends to use off-grid generators for power so food production can be done in a much more efficient way. When food is produced and processed more efficiently, more of it makes its way on the market. Items, such as fresh produce, have very short shelf lives, so it is important to preserve as much as possible. Off-grid electricity is a contributor to those in the agricultural industry making the most of their time.

Something to keep in mind about off-grid generators is that they include off-grid consumer warranties. If a regular generator is used for off-grid purposes, then the warranty may be void. This emphasizes how important it is to invest in an off-grid generator when you will be using the machine for off-grid purposes.