Why Generac’s Quiet-Test Feature is Important to Generator Owners

Peace and quiet is important to many homeowners, so what they don’t want is for their generator to randomly start up and cause a lot of noise at the worst possible time.

Perhaps you’re on the phone taking care of business or having an important face-to-face conversation. Then again, you may have small children that you need to nap so you can get a short reprieve. The last thing you need is a generator test waking them up.

Generac’s Quiet-Test® feature is a good example of a generator that takes the need for peace and quiet seriously.

The generator is programmed to run “exercise mode” on a schedule. Although the schedule is pre-set, Generac has recognized that there is no need to have to deal with the noise. So what they have done is lower the generator engine speed during exercise mode so that the decibel level is lowered.

Decibel levels are frequently a comparison factor when individuals are shopping for generators.

With the Generac generator engine running at two-thirds of the normal RPM, the sound reduces and so do the emissions. Both of these qualities make the Quiet-Test feature an asset to Generac generator owners.

Another way in which a generator can be quieted down is to improve its enclosure. Some sound suppressing characteristics may be able to be added to your generator so you don’t have to deal with so much noise. That way if the baby is sleeping or you are on an important telephone call, you don’t have to worry about your generator powering up at the worst possible time. Just because it is on a schedule doesn’t mean that you have to organize your life around that schedule like you do all of the others in your life.

If less noise is important to you, talk to your generator sales rep about your options so that you can have the power backup you need in the most comfortable way possible.