Four Perfectly Good Reasons You Need a Residential Standby Generator

Power outages never happen on a schedule. Instead, they happen with very little warning. Usually, the only warning you have is a weather forecast and even that is not a guarantee that the power is going to go out.

With a residential standby generator, you don’t have to worry about a lot of the things that power outages bring. For instance:

  1. You can prevent damage to your home – When essential home systems are down, such as sump pumps, the risk of damage to the home grows. In this case, it’s a risk of flooding so that could result in very expensive damage.
  2. You can keep your food safe – Food that is not kept cold at the right temperature can grow bacteria. If food isn’t cooked right, then food poisoning could occur and make one or more people in your home seriously ill.
  3. Medical equipment stays up and running – If you have any type of medical equipment in your home, then you can keep it running. Many individuals use CPAP machines as a treatment for sleep apnea. It’s very important that these machines stay up and running. Home dialysis machines are also very common.
  4. The comfort of you and your family – Personal comfort is another reason why a standby generator is important. You can maintain the temperature in your home and carry out many tasks that you do every day. Instead of sitting in the dark freezing or burning up, you can relax and wait for the power to come back on.

All in all, a standby generator is a good investment for safety reasons and comfort reasons. You also save a lot of money on the potential damage that can occur to the home, spoiled food, and having to go out and eat all of the time.