Prolonged Power Outages

It is almost certain that if you live anywhere in the United States you have seen the mainstream media coverage of hurricane Matthew and other devastating Tropical Storms. You have probably wondered how people in these areas prepare for severe storms such as a hurricane, but you may have put the thought of your own preparations to the way side assuming “this won’t happen to me or where I live”.

Midwest Electric & Generator proudly serves Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Although these areas will never be subject to hurricanes, it is vital to know that all sorts of extreme weather such as heavy rain, wind, hail, snow or ice, can result in prolonged power outages and turmoil in your household.

Generator sales and installation often spike right before a severe storm or when the actual power outage occurs. To streamline the process from purchase to complete install and satisfaction, you will need to review the following checklist provided by Midwest Electric & Generator:

-Call for a FREE in-home consultation from one of our 5 star, A+ BBB rated technicians.

-Asses your home for the proper sized  generator that is needed to power your most critical appliances and other electrical needs.

-Select the standby generator and learn the custom features included.

-Schedule to install the generator with our complete satisfaction guarantee.

After these steps have been completed you will feel confident that even though you may not experience a hurricane, your home will be powered though the heaviest of storms and prolonged power outages supplying you with running water, heating/cooling, medical equipment, chargers for numerous devices, sump pump, appliances, and more.

When a prolonged power outage strikes, how long will your candles, matches, flashlights, batteries and lots of ice last? Consider the convenience of wanting nothing less than a generator that fires up itself the instant the lights go out.