"Roughing It" A Bad Idea

What is your tolerance for “roughing it” during a power outage? A very few amount of people find it an adventure to stock up on matches, candles, batteries and enormous amounts of ice. To these people, it may be tolerable for a short-lived event, but their water probably comes from a private well and no one in their household is very young or elderly. Even then, not having electricity is hard to do and gets tiresome in a hurry!

Increasingly severe weather and aging infrastructures can expose you to longer power outages in Midwest Minnesota and the surrounding areas. Midwest Electric and Generator can provide you with complete convenience so you do not need to “rough it” ever.

A home with multiple people, especially children, definitely have the need for lots of food in the fridge. A businessman or businesswoman may have an active office in their home with computers, printers, devices and charging stations. There may also be members of a home that require uninterrupted power for medical devices, stair lifts, and AC powered machines. If a home includes the very young or elderly, climate control and lighting are not just for comfort, but essential for their safety.

Standby Generators installed by Midwest Electric & Generator offer not only convenience and comfort but also saftey. Your Midwest Electric & Generator installer will obtain all required permits and approvals and install a transfer switch. The transfer switch connects the generator to your electrical panel to power hardwired appliances while avoiding the risk and hassle of extension cords. It also keeps utility power from frying your circuits once power is restored.

For the safest and most convenient way to keep your family, home, and life running as usual, call Midwest Electric & Generator today. You do not have to “rough it” during a power outage anymore!