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At Midwest Electric and Generator, our customers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and surrounding areas rely on us to provide accurate information, support and quality customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations and offer peace of mind and safety with any purchase.

What matters to you, matters to us at Midwest Electric & Generator. When a power outage takes place, knowing exactly what is needed to fulfill your needs is just the start of the relationship with Midwest Electric & Generator, your complete source for Electric, Generators, Repairs, Service, and Maintenance.

Some common essentials are the refrigerator using about 600 watts, sump pump using 1,000 watts, lights using between 60 to 600 watts, heaters using 1,500 watts, window a/c using 1,000 watts, and computers using between 60 to 300 watts of power.

Generators are typically sold by wattage. How much a generator puts out determines not only how many lights and appliances you can run at once, but also how well they run. Midwest Electric & Generator offers a FREE in home consultation to review your needs and all the different options with you. Midwest Electric & Generator will map the outlets and switches in your home to know which circuit on the service panel powers what.

Most average homes of 1,200 to 3,000 square feet can run critical items in the home using a 5,000 to 7,000 watt generator. Larger homes using a generator in the 10-15KW range will quietly supply as much as 18,000 watts of starting power to your home automatically. This will give your family the power, freedom and comfort of your usual lifestyle uninterrupted by power failure.

At Midwest Electric & Generator, your satisfaction is everything, which is why they guarantee it. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! It is their number one concern when they work with you. It is not just something that they use in their advertising to get you to call them. It is their belief that your satisfaction can only be measured by providing you with quality products, superior service, and competitive pricing in a time efficient manner.

Midwest Electric & Generator is committed to providing you with superior service and the service that you deserve to have generators that will work for years to come and for what matters most.