Standby Generators After A Flood

It is common throughout the United States, and especially the Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin regions, to experience flooding as an annual occurrence. Prolonged rains which frequent our area can cause flooding for hours or even days.

In 1993, two-thirds of Wisconsin’s 72 counties were declared a Federal Disaster Area after an unusual high snow filled winter followed by 40 inches of rain during the spring’s thawing time. Entire dams along major rivers like the Mississippi and Wisconsin were overrun by mid June. There were over a billion, yes billion, dollars in property damage not only to the dams and bridges, but to private and commercial properties as well.


There is little anyone in the path of flooding water can do to stop it. Those high enough can gain some measure of safety with sandbags and pumps to keep the water out. Sump and trash pumps can keep a basement from flooding as long as the power stays on in the home.

Where flooding is more widespread, so are the power outages. A standby generator from Midwest Electric & Generator can keep your pumps running and the flood water out. You can prevent damage from moderate flooding or heavy rain easily.

Consider flood insurance to your Home Owners Policy which will cover any flood damage to major appliances and can include your standby generator. Recovering from a flood disaster is devastating enough, it becomes much harder without this insurance.


Remember that the safety of you and your family always comes first. At Midwest Electric & Generator, we value your business and put your safety as our first consideration. You can replace and repair property, but you can’t replace life.

As you may rebuild or restore your property, consider how your needs may have changed after experiencing a flood. Purchasing a Standby Generator can power all the essentials to keep your family comfortable during this time.

Making the right purchasing decisions will ease your state of mind. Choose carefully when making the decision to protect your family during and after a flood. Midwest Electric & Generator is available Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm and 24/7 for electrical and generator emergencies. Contact Midwest today to set up a free consultation.