Rural Area Installation Of New Generac Stabdby Generator

Many people can say they have grown up in rural areas of the greater Twin Cities of Minnesota, or North Dakota and Wisconsin. For most that meant having a family owned farm or an older home just off city limits with power lines running cross country to the house. We can remember how much the electrical and power companies “loved” to come out to respond to your call at a moments notice when power went down! *sigh* Which meant that you spent a lot of time without electricity and power. Keep in mind that these are not just one hour interruptions either, your home may have been without electricity for a full week at least once if not two or three times a year.

Well life doesn’t have to be this way anymore with the purchase of a standby generator from Midwest Electric & Generator, your trusted source for Generator Sales, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

Many people cannot go for days on end carrying buckets of water from a surface well to the toilets to flush them or even head to the outhouse in the back yard during winter. People cannot devote the time to splitting, stacking, and carrying enough firewood to keep the stove burning for days straight in the winter. So purchasing a Standby Generator makes even more sense to run lights, a water pump, the furnace, outlets in rooms, TVs, refrigerator, freezer, stove and more.


– Research brands, sizes and types of standby generators. Midwest Electric & Generator proudly offers Generac systems which is the dominate leader for residential Standby Generators across the Nation.

– Contact Midwest Electric & Generator for a FREE In-Home consultation. Your technician will provide you with options that fit your needs and your house capacity. The technician will be prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, flexible, and professional.

– Determine Propane Tank size and installation location for both the tank and Standby Generator. Again, Midwest Electric & Generator will assist you in making the very best decision for your property and family.

– Schedule installation from Midwest Electric & Generator which will include all power requirements, permits, codes etc. to be done by the professionals at Midwest Electric & Generator.