Five Generator Mistakes That Can Put You In The Dark

*As always, contact the professional technicians at Midwest Electric & Generator when you are ready to purchase, install, and maintain your standby generator.*

Did you know many deaths during severe storms and weather are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from generators being run in garages, basements, porches or other enclosed or partially enclosed spaces? This can be avoided by calling Midwest Electric & Generator who proudly serves the Twin Cities and greater parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. Before the next emergency, consider the below five known generator hazards you can avoid when hiring Midwest Electric & Generator to complete your standby generator project.

1) Running the generator too close to the home.

– Your professionally installed generator from Midwest Electric & Generator will be installed as far away from the home as its instructions and local codes require. The generator will be installed away from doors and windows and never run in a garage or small enclosed or partially enclosed space.

2) Overusing extension cords.

– The problem for most is when a storm or severe weather strikes, many supplies are hard to find, extension cords included! This means that for a brand new generator, you will have to rely on cords that might be years old and unsafe for connecting to your generator and outlet. Midwest Electric & Generator will solve this problem by installing a transfer switch with an outdoor power inlet. This will be one safe connection instead potentially having multiple questionable ones.

3) Connecting directly to your service panel.

– Anything hard-wired to your service panel, such as ranges and heating/cooling systems have no plugs you could connect to the generator. So the temptation may be to connect the generator directly to the service panel. The danger you ask? When the power comes back, the excess could flow backwards up the line and endanger utility workers. As always, have your generator professionally installed by the certified electricians at Midwest Electric & Generator.

4) Shrugging off fuel considerations.

– Ideally, you would think about available fuel before buying a generator! Also envision that during severe weather and storms, blocked roads, closed stores and gas stations, gas rationing and other problems during disaster, that fuel might be far and hard to get. Your standby generator from Midwest Electric & Generator will be installed using propane and a tank will be installed to ensure you have plenty for the first storm or severe weather attack. All you need to do is have the tank filled as needed and instructed when getting low.

5) Neglecting the maintenance.

– Your certified technician from Midwest Electric & Generator will provide you with instructions, owners manual and inform you on the correct and necessary service maintenance plan that would fit you and your generator’s needs. Skipping routine maintenance and attention may mean it will not start or may seize up. No power to the generator means no power for sump pumps, running water for toilets, showers, drinking and cooking, heating especially in winter when pipes can freeze and burst, and finally refrigeration which provides food and needed cooling during the summer.

When thinking about buying a generator, before you start shopping, call Midwest Electric & Generator and set up a free in-home consultation. You will be glad you did!