Generator Sales Surging

More and more Americans, especially those in the Midwest and surrounding areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Surrounding North Dakota are purchasing standby home generators.

Sales of generators have surged in recent years. Popular brands such as Generac, that are provided by the professionals at Midwest Electric & Generator take up more than 70% of the residential generator market.

Indeed, each time a storm strikes, people purchase generators in droves. Right before and immediately after the storm, people seem to purchase portable generators, then once the debris have cleared many people purchase a standby home generator, which standby home generators are much more powerful at powering the entire house or specific needs you might have.

Trends like these are not a shock during severe storms, but you will also see a rise in sales when people see that “one” house on their street having power throughout the storm and they “want” that generator.

That being said, automatic standby generators typically have an investment between $4,000 and $8,000 depending on the size of your home and what specifically your needs are. This might be a hurdle for some to budget, but it is nothing in comparison to the devastating affects of a storm and costly repairs, purchases and losses you will accrue. Avoiding a major power outage is well worth it!

If you are looking to buy a generator, keep a few things in mind.  Although portable generators are cheaper, they do have issues and limitations you won’t have with the purchase of a standby home generator. Running out of gasoline,  not powering everything you absolutely need, or not working properly and safe should not be your concern when in the midst of a storm or power outage.

Midwest Electric & Generator is your complete source for sales, service, installation and maintenance of all standby home generators and electrical needs. Call today to schedule “peace of mind” while sales are surging!