5 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Generator

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst is an idiom that all business owners should live by. Hopefully, everything runs smooth without any major disturbance in your day-to-day activities. But if disaster occurs, such as a power grid outage, you’ll want a contingency plan to keep your business afloat. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to protect against power outages and their respective damage: invest in a commercial generator.

#1) Protect Perishable Products from Spoilage

Assuming your business sells perishable products like refrigerated foods and beverages, investing in a commercial generator will protect them from spoilage. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) FoodSafety.gov, a freezer maintains its temperature for 24-48 hours without power when the door stays closed. A refrigerator, on the other hand, maintains its temperature for just four hours without power.

#2) Keep Your Security System Running

A commercial generator can also keep your business’s security system running, even during power outages. A report published by the National Retail Federation (NRF) found U.S. businesses lost approximately $44 billion in 2014 from theft, shoplifting, fraud and administrative error. While most security systems have backup batteries so they’ll continue running if the main power goes out, these backup batteries typically only offer 24-48 hours worth of extra juice. If your business experiences a prolonged power outage that extends past the 2-day mark, your security system could go offline, increasing the risk of theft.

#3) Maintain a Comfortable Working Environment

It’s difficult for employees to work indoors without functional heating and air conditioning. Depending on your business’s location, perhaps you’ll experience some mild spring and fall days. However, chances are you’ll need air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter to maintain a comfortable working environment for your employees.

Of course, a commercial generator ensures your HVAC system remains functional at all times. When an ice storm hits your city and the power grid does down, you can maintain a safe and comfortable working environment for your employees. As long as you have fuel to power your generator, it will keep your heating running during the winter and the air conditioning running during the summer.

#4) Satisfy Customers and Clients

Let’s face it, turning away customers or clients because the power is out isn’t exactly good business practice. Not only does it leave them dissatisfied, but chances are they’ll go to a competing business — one that has power. If you want to retain your customers and clients, and keep them happy, you should invest in a commercial generator for your business.

#5) It Pays for Itself

One of the most common reasons cited by business owners for not buying a commercial generator is the cost. A high-quality, reliable generator isn’t cheap, but you have to think of it as an investment. According to a recent study conducted by the market research firm E Source, power outages cost U.S. businesses $27 billion annually. Many businesses close their doors during power outages, hindering their ability to generate revenue.

The E Source study also found that 40% of larger businesses are “very likely” to buy a backup generator. Given the sheer cost of power outages, though, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. A commercial generator is a smart investment that pays for itself in the long run. Yes, you’ll have to spend some money upfront, but you’ll reap all of the benefits listed above.

These are just a few reasons why business owners should invest in a commercial generator. To learn more about commercial generators and which one is best suited for your business, contact us today. Midwest Electric and Generator, Inc. is the industry leader in generator sales, installation, service, and electrical remodeling.