Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Standby Generator In Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota

Usually you would not look to see a top 10 list for something so “industrial” or “commercial”, but when it comes to your families safety and well-being, why not? It may very well surprise you to find all the benefits to owning a standby generator for your home…

#1 It keeps you sheltered and protected during severe weather and storms.

– Midwest Electric & Generator will permanently install your generator and always monitor the connectivity to the utility power. As a result, your generator will detect a loss of electricity and fire up powering your home. Thus making it safe to stay in your home where you will be the most protected.

#2 Standby Generators have a longer running time than a portable generator.

– Portable generators are limited in power, run time and having fuel on hand. Standby Home Generators are connected directly to your fuel source, natural gas, or liquid propane. This allows prolonged run times and produces enough electricity to power your whole home with reliable backup power.

#3 Food will keep fresh longer.

– Let’s face it, coolers with ice just won’t cut it! Your standby home generator will continue to run your refrigerator and freezer saving you money and maintaining emergency food resources.

#4 Critical and luxury appliances stay running.

– Everyone has different needs, which makes the investment of a standby home generator even more important. You will be able to power everything from light bulbs to televisions and power stair lifts to jacuzzi tubs! Keeping what is essential and necessary is the top priority at Midwest Electric & Generator.

#5 Sump pump staying on to avoid floods and flooding damages.

– If flooding is a concern in the area you live in, which most areas are, consider having this fear wiped away. Standby home generators will power your sump pump even in the heaviest of rainfalls or thaw outs.

#6 Business owners can minimize downtime or closing the office.

– Most businesses rely on computers, servers, refrigeration, heating, and other appliances that could be damaged during a power outage. Standby Generators professionally installed by Midwest Electric & Generator ensure the safety and up-time of your most crucial business tools.

#7 Midwest Electric & Generator provides wireless monitoring and other generator features to keep you on the up and up.

– Standby generators are outfitted with premium features that you will not find on a portable generator. Wireless notifications can be sent to you when power has been restored and you can always know the status of your generator and that it is working flawlessly.

#8 Calming children with lights on.

– Most people can relate to being afraid or timid among dark surroundings. Being without light is also very dangerous for your safety as well! Standby generators will keep the lights on throughout a storm or complete power outage. Leaving your kids, and yourself, less to stress about.

#9 The generator’s automatic switch does work for you.

– Portable generators are contained by fuel availability during a power output, while Standby Generators from Midwest Electric & Generator are outfitted with a smart, sophisticated power management system and automatic transfer switch. The experts at Midwest Electric & Generator will install your transfer switch to protect your and utility worker’s safety from back feed. They will also prioritize the cycling power between critical appliances like sump pumps, heaters and ventilation systems.

#10 Standby Generators provide peace of mind.

– You will hear this repeated and repeated when researching Home Standby Generators, but it’s true! Standby generators are wires into your home’s electrical system and require no setup and minimal maintenance once professionally installed by Midwest Electric & Generator. You can experience tranquility during a storm, feeling confident that your standby generator will protect you family and home!