Generators Can Start Automatically?

Standby generators, true back-up power, safety, and stability are the staples for homeowners living in the Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota regions who are prone to power outages. When you imagine the most important appliances and all items that provide your family with security and comfort, you will find confidence that they will all run and preform their duties without hesitation with the installation of a standby generator. If you considered purchasing a standby generator from Midwest Electric & Generator, please don’t hesitate to call today and schedule your free in-home consultation. If you have a few more questions, no worries, we are here to assist you in every step of the way and provide you life-long support and maintenance for all your back-up power needs.

Great question! Midwest Electric & Generator’s certified technicians will provide you the homeowner with all the ins and outs of your generator purchase and guide you through the process of understanding the two parts of the standby generator:
-Generator Unit
-Automatic Transfer Switch
The Automatic Transfer Switch monitors the flow of power in the home. When the utility power fails or stops working, the transfer switch senses this and sends a message to the generator unit to start the use of back-up power to your home. Then the transfer switch monitors the flow of energy until the home is ready and able to switch back to utility power. Additionally, you will be pleasantly pleased to find that the transfer switch only takes a few seconds to sense a power outage and start the generator. This means that you will not notice much if anything at all from your comfort and safety in your home!
True quality back-up power, safety and comfort are just the few features you will experience with a Standby Generator installation from Midwest Electric & Generator.