Portable Generators Are More Work Than Meets The Eye

It has been said, “I have learned a life lesson owning a portable generator. If your power outage is longer than a few hours, you are going to work for the portable generator just as much as it works for you!”

You will feel like you need to own a gas station to keep up with refueling! Portable generators may require you to refuel as much as every few hours. So that means you may have to come home from work during the day to refuel, then set an early alarm in the wee hours of the night, when you should be sleeping, to go out and refuel again. To add to the pain, usually the weather isn’t so great during a power outage so you will have to face rain, cold, ice or the hot weather elements. Finally, to top things off, you may not have a gas station open in the event of a major storm or power outage.
Might as well open up an oil change shop! When you own a portable generator you will become very proficient at changing the oil needed to properly run the unit. Approximately every 50 hours of use, you will need to change the oil of a portable generator. So if your portable generator is needed for a few days or even a week, that is an oil change every other day! Let’s not forget that cost of oil and proper disposal are not that cheap anymore.
Portable generators are very heavy and must be moved into position. If someone was unable to lift and pull out the portable generator from the garage in the event of a power outage, what good use would it be then?
Consider a solution to the portable generator aggravation!
Standby Home Generator installed by trusted and certified technicians at Midwest Electric & Generator.
Here are just a few advantages:
1) Automatic Start
2) Permanently Installed
3) No Gas Stations
4) Fewer Oil Changes
5) Much, Much, Much More Quieter
6) Whole Home Power
7) Automatic Monitoring Systems
8) Mobile Link
If would like peace of mind and the best quality back-up power for your investment, call Midwest Electric & Generator today. Providing installation, service and maintenance in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.