General Electric Generators Feature Patented Power Management Technology

When you want reliable backup power, General Electric (GE) home standby generators are certainly worth considering. Patented power management technology sets General Electric generators apart from the competition.

GE generators are engineered to offer homeowners:

  • Reduced equipment investment
  • Lower installation costs
  • Fuel savings
  • Comprehensive parts and labor warranty

GE Generators to Meet Any Need

GE’s innovative features often make it possible to use a smaller unit to achieve your backup power requirements. Choose from 8 Kw to 60 Kw models. These GE generators can run on either natural gas or liquid propane, whichever you prefer.

Smaller Units – Thanks to the innovative power management system, some homeowners will find that the 8 Kw or 10 Kw generators will meet their needs. Even these smaller units can keep the lights on and your refrigerator’s contents cold. The ultra-compact 8 Kw and 10 Kw versions have the smallest footprint of any home standby generators in their class. The 8 Kw features a Briggs and Stratton OHV engine, while the 10 Kw model incorporates the Vanguard engine. These units will often meet the needs of homeowners with residences of up to 5,000 sq-ft. Thanks to the efficiency of its generator designs, the 13 Kw and 17 Kw models from GE can meet the backup power needs of homes as large as 11,000 sq-ft.

Larger Units – The 20 Kw home standby generator can handle the electrical requirements of larger residences with even more substantial requirements. Its commercial-grade Vanguard engine is rugged and durable. The unique air flow patterns make it an exceptionally quiet generator. Thanks to the remote wireless monitor, you can check on your generator without going outside.

An all-steel enclosure and all-steel base both contribute to superior fire protection. The automatic external gas shut-off valve, low-pressure regulator and internal thermal protection system also contribute to enhanced fire safety. In fact, this 20 Kw unit offers more fire protection features than just about any 20 Kw home standby generator on the market. Its unsurpassed warranty includes both parts and labor for five years. GE’s 30 Kw, 40 Kw and 60 Kw generators are more often used in commercials settings, but it is good to know that there is a GE generator appropriate for your needs no matter how substantial.

Patented Technology = Smaller Unit

Key is the patented Symphony® II Power Management System. It proactively monitors household power needs so it can efficiently distribute electricity throughout your home. The intelligently designed automatic transfer switch powers up the unit whenever a power outage is detected. The moment power is restored, the transfer switch automatically turns the generator off.

With a GE standby generator, you can power up key items and still have adequate power to run as many as eight high-wattage appliances.

Carefree Installation

The installation of your new GE generator is simple and straightforward. Midwest Electric & Generator is an authorized dealer that will secure any required permits. The installation steps are:

  • Your generator is set up in the preferred spot
  • Installation of the Symphony® II power management system follows
  • The home standby generator and the power management system are then connected
  • The generator is hooked up to your choice of natural gas or liquid propane

About General Electric

GE is a global leader in energy innovation. Thomas Edison and others started the company in Schenectady, New York in 1892. Today, Boston-based GE generates more than $140 billion in annual revenue, and it employs more than 300,000 people.

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