Reliable Backup Power From Winco Generators

Winco refers to each of its emergency standby generators as a Packaged Standby System (PSS). Their generators will automatically provide critically needed power to your residence in the event of a power outage or brownout. Don’t forget about the many critical pieces of equipment that require ready access to electrical power, well pumps, furnaces, sump pumps, refrigerators, lights, televisions and computers.

Today’s computers and other sensitive electronics require quality electrical power with minimal harmonic distortion. Avoid the headaches possible with lesser emergency power solutions by investing in a high-quality Winco Generator.

Comprehensive Generator Lineup

Winco manufactures a complete line of generators, ensuring that there will be one that’s perfect for your needs. Select from three air-cooled, eight liquid-cooled and 12 diesel models. Winco uses a number of carefully selected engines from well-known manufacturers like Briggs and Stratton, Honda and General Motors to provide excellent performance for years to come.

Winco liquid-cooled generators have the capacity to tackle the needs of midsize to larger residences. A standard jacket heater keeps the engine block warm so it is always ready to start at a moment’s notice. The special three-stage battery charger ensures optimal battery performance. You’ll avoid overcharging which can compromise battery life. Air-cooled units meet the needs of modest-size residences, while diesel units are ideal for those without ready access to natural gas or liquid propane supplies. Larger diesel generators are primarily used at businesses, including agricultural enterprises.

Quality Components

Winco generators use industrial-grade components to better provide years of reliable service. With Winco generators, it’s the details that count. For example, high-quality ASCO valves provide the cold-weather reliability that so important in the Upper Midwest. Dual ASCO solenoids enhance fuel delivery for optimum performance. Inconsistent fuel delivery can result in unwanted and potentially damaging fluctuations in frequency and voltage. Winco’s attention to fuel delivery ensures that proper engine speeds will deliver the right kind of electrical power. Starved or flooded engines introduce unwanted fluctuations.

Excellent Enclosures

Winco’s high-quality enclosure will protect your generator investment. Designers came up with a rugged housing fabricated from special galvaneal steel which stops rust even if the outer paint in ever damaged in some way. The powder coated housing is oven-baked for extreme durability. Special roof designs, baffle systems and drip edges protect your unit against inclement weather. The sound absorbent foam which lines the housing’s interior will reduce noise. The baffle design eliminates direct paths for sound waves, which also makes the unit quiet enough to keep the neighbors happy.

About Winco

Winco has been manufacturing high-quality generators since 1927. Today, it is headquartered in Le Center, Minnesota. It all began when Gerhard and John Albers were looking for an effective way to provide power to their farm. They invented a generator they called the Wincharger to solve their problem. When the business incorporated in 1935, it moved to Sioux City, Iowa. Things changed dramatically when Zenith purchased the young company. Zenith expanded Wincharger’s market globally. When the company was purchased in 1968, its new owner shortened the name to Winco. Manufacturing moved to Le Center in 1977. Eight years later, Control Data purchased Winco. More recently, the current CEO purchased the company.

Promote Savings, Safety and Productivity

If every homeowner invested in a home standby generator, billions of dollars in property damage would be avoided every year. Standby generators improve productivity and enhance safety as well. With a Winco backup generator, it is possible to replace possible heartache with real peace-of-mind.

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