Can't Decide? Here are the top 4 Generac Standby Generators for back-up power

Let’s be honest, actually choosing something in itself can be one of the hardest things we have to face when making any important decision in life. Especially when a decision will ultimately provide safety, security and peace of mind that your home and lifestyle will be protected when a disaster strikes.

Electrical blackouts and power outages cause unexpected inconveniences that can be easily avoided with the purchase and installation of an automatic standby generator from the trusted professionals at Midwest Electric & Generator.

When there is a disruption in service, the automatic standby generator will sense the disruption automatically activating the generator’s safety switch. Before converting the generator’s power to the building’s electrical panel, the switch vigilantly checks that the generator is running safely. Either natural gas, liquid propane or diesel gas are used to run home standby generator’s internal combustion engine to help avoid any disruption of electrical power.

Let’s make choosing a little simpler and take a look at the top four Generac Generators:

#1 Generac 6461 Guardian Series

This standby generator offers safe, clean air-cooled and efficient operation. Its sensitive electronics are assisted by 200-Amp, 16 circuits, and 100-Amp Prewired EZ Automatic Transfer Switch. This model is also EPA, UL, and CUL compliant for safety and is best in class for its effortless operation to assist with hands-free operation without the need for manual starts, extension cords, or fuel. This well built, sturdy model is compatible with sensitive home electronics and appliances.

#2 Generac 6462 Guardian Series

For your home’s most crucial power protection, this model with 16,000 kW will ensure all your necessities remain running during unexpected power outages. The entire house will be covered when paired with a Generac load shedding switch offering the capacity to back up a 5-ton air conditioner. It runs on the home’s natural gad or liquid propane supply lines. This particular standby generator has been assessed for operation in low natural gas pressure areas. This eliminates the need for extension cords or to waste time refueling, or manually starting the standby generator.  Also EPA, CUL, and UL compliant for safety like our #1 model.

#3 Generac 6438

This is Generac’s ideal 11,000 Watt standby generator run on natural gas or liquid propane. While this standby generator utilizes efficient technology, 200-Amp Smart Transfer Switch, it is rated for indoor use only. The instinctive 200-Amp Smart Transfer Switch powers up a home within seconds of a power outage. It does not need manual setup or any heavy extension cords. The Generac engine is air-cooled allowing it to handle larger electrical demands. Weighing in at about 407 pounds of it’s strong steel enclosure, we definitely believe this standby generator is worth its weight when the lights go out!

#4 Generac 6551 Guardian Series

Utilizing 22,000 Watts to power the air cooled standby generator, this model requires liquid propane or natural gas to function. Its hands-free operation makes it very convenient to use. With a 200-Amp Transfer Switch, this standby generator offers safe, effective care to your home’s sensitive electronics. The Generac 6551 Guardian Series is EPA, CUL, and UL compliant for safety and clean performance.

Now that we have previewed the top four Generac Standby Generators, please call Midwest Electric & Generator today for a free in-home consultation. Our qualified, trusted and professional technicians will assist to determine which specific model is the best fit for your home size and needs. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to have the peace of mind of true automatic back-up power!