Power Grids Not Reliable, Metro Areas Go For Standby Home Generator Installation

After many years of unreliable power grid failures and weather related outages, people across the Midwest have found it was time to act. Being sick and tired of throwing out spoiled food, wearing layers of sweaters and jackets to keep warm and traveling to local establishments to recharge devices and use their running water, it was clear that a standby generator can make all the difference.

Some people will opt for a portable generator to save money. However, people need to look at this purchase as a not only a home improvement product, but as a true safety product. We know portable generators are inconvenient, but they have serious saftey concerns that go along with them as well. The last thing you want to worry about during a storm is traveling to the gas station to re-fuel your portable generator. The last thing you want to worry about is having enough extension cords to power your fridge, oven, electronics and etc. The last thing you want to worry about is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which dozens of people die from each year due to the lack of ventilation for their portable generator. The last thing… well, you get my drift.

Standby home generators provide enough power for your whole home to safely and efficiently keep all the essential appliances running without hesitation or inconvenience. They are smart and know exactly when to transfer power during an outage too. You will not skip a beat or need to go anywhere to start up whole home backup power.

Homeowners are powerless when it comes to the technology to strengthen the actual power grid. That is why it is rational to purchase a standby generator for your own home. The demand in itself for electricity has grown by 25% since 1990, and homeowners are concerned with keeping their families warm, cool, and healthy during emergencies out of their control.

Midwest Electric & Generator provide reliable back up power to you with the purchase of a standby generator. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and support. Contact Midwest Electric & Generator today to find out more information and how to keep you safe when the lights go out.