Generator Maintenance: Is Your Generator Ready For The Unpredictable Weather?

A generator for your residential property can be an appliance that you use during the entire year. A generator is able to handle a power outage, regardless of what the time of year may be. We know you experience all types of bad weather. We are out of the winter season, but this does not mean we will not experience any thunderstorms and rain during the spring season and summer season. Mother Nature always gets the last word, this means you will need to have a generator that will work whenever you need it.

When there is no more snow outside, you should head outside and make sure your generator will be ready for the spring. Here are some things you will need to do:

Perform Maintenance On Your Generator

You should make sure you schedule a time to perform maintenance on your residential generator. It is recommended that you schedule a maintenance session once a year; two times a year would be excellent.

A maintenance session will give the technician every opportunity to inspect and correct any problems they may find. Sometimes the wires in generators become loose, and sometimes the parts in your generator can become a little dusty. If the technician finds anything that needs to be repaired, you can make sure the problems will be fixed before you will need to actually use your generator.

Do You Have Enough Fuel?

When was the last time you used your generator? Did you remember to check the fuel levels? It is very important that you remember to replace the fuel you used the last few times you had to turn on your generator. You need to have enough fuel in your generator to last for a few days.

When you are in the middle of bad weather and you are depending on your generator, you do not want to run out of fuel. You do not want your generator to go out while you are using it. This will mean everyone in your home will have to sit in the dark and wait until the power comes back on, or you will have to go out in the middle of a storm and purchase more fuel.

Power Requirements

Do you know the power requirements of your residential generator? Do you know the power requirements for any of your other requirements? When you know the requirements, you will know where you can plug in certain appliances. You will also know what appliances you should not turn on while you are going to use your generator.

When you are experiencing bad weather, the last thing you want to do is cause additional problems. You do not want to overload your generator while you are in the middle of a thunderstorm. You have probably purchased new appliances within the last few months, and it is important that you remember how much additional appliances you have plugged in that you did not have during the same time last year. You will need to make sure your generator will be able to handle being plugged in.

We never know what is going to happen with the weather. This is why it is always so important to be prepared for anything. We have to always expect the unexpected. When you are busy doing all of your spring cleanings, you should not forget to inspect your generator. The springtime is a great time to take out some of your appliances and make sure they are still in working order.

Your generator is an important appliance that you have in your possession, and you need it to be in working order at all times. Do you need maintenance or advice on how to properly use your generator? Contact us today for more information.