One Of The Best Generator Warranties Offered By Kohler

Kohler built its first generator in 1920. Today, a century later, the company offers a comprehensive line of standby generators for home, small business and large business/industrial use.

Generators for Every Need

Those with smaller residences or lesser electrical needs can choose standby generators with rated capacities under five kilowatts. At the same time, Kohler offers high-capacity models capable of generating as much as 4 MW of power.

For light commercial to heavy industrial requirements, consider Kohler’s line of gaseous standby generators, capable of generating from 25 Kw to 1.3 MW of electrical power. Many are EPA-certified. Larger models rated at 400 Kw and higher are appropriate for continuous operation as well.

Facilities of Every Kind

Most Kohler generators operate on either natural gas or propane, although the company also offers a line of diesel generators for both emergency and continuous operation. Here are just some of the many ways that Kohler standby generators are put to use:

Home – When there is a power outage or brownout, home standby generators provide electricity within seconds. Computers, refrigerators, water pumps, electric hot water heaters, lights and HVAC systems operate as they did before the outage. Homeowners with reliable standby generators enjoy true peace-of-mind when outages occur, whatever the reason.

Business – Many businesses rely on standby emergency generators to power everything from security systems to industrial freezers and refrigerators. Trucking firms, service stations and delivery companies rely on backup power to keep fuel pumps operating 24/7.

Industrial and more – A properly maintained and tested standby generator is a key component in an organization’s emergency response plan. Data centers, healthcare facilities, water treatment plants and even nuclear power plants entrust their critical backup power needs to Kohler. The National Weather Service (NWS) also relies on Kohler generators.

Excellent Warranties

Kohler generators are exceptionally well-built, and the company offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Many Kohler generators come with a best-in-class, five-year, 2000-hr limited warranty provided by Kohler Power Systems.

This warranty runs for 1) five years, beginning on the registered startup date (or purchase date if there is no registered startup date), or 2) 2000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first. Kohler includes both travel and labor for the first two years of the five-year warranty period. Compare this with more basic warranties offered by the competition.

Innovative Technologies

One of the reasons that Kohler is one of the industry leaders is its record of technological innovation. For example, its OnCue Plus application allows you to remotely monitor your generator’s status from anywhere on the planet. Also, PowerBoost technology provides power to high-wattage appliances and systems without dropping power levels to other items. Kohler’s super-tough generator enclosures are wind-resistance rated as high as 181 mph.

Warranties and Maintenance

To keep your Kohler warranty in force, be sure to attend to periodic maintenance like:

  • Performing scheduled maintenance according to the generator’s manual
  • Maintaining the correct lubricant oil levels per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Maintaining correct coolant levels and/or cooling air flows
  • Keeping cooling fin and air intake areas clean and free of obstructions
  • Routinely cleaning and checking the air cleaner
  • Regularly performing load testing
  • Following prescribed long-term storage specifications

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