Natural Gas Generator For Your Home

Midwest Electric & Generator proudly provides Generac standby generators with Natural Gas as one of the best options for your home during a storm or grid failure. There are many advantages when choosing a natural gas standby home generator over diesel or propane generators.


Natural gas does not expire with age, and can last pretty much forever. This means you can keep reserves without the headache of keeping track of whether or not you need to replace them. This also means that when a disaster or emergency arises, the reserves you have from years ago will still be in operating condition and available when you need them the most.


Like diesel and gasoline, natural gas prices have fallen and are now much more affordable than other alternatives. Due to the abundance of natural gas, investing in a natural gas standby generator is a smart move for your bottom line!


When compared to other fuel sources, natural gas is a much cleaner burning fossil fuel. Many fuel sources are associated with detrimental pollution in the environment. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas emits 50% less carbon dioxide than coal! Natural gas is also odorless, so when placing your standby generator outside, you will not need to worry about having a bad smell.


Natural gas is one of the most energy efficient sources of fuel and has many domestic uses. If your home has acess to the grid, you will always have a constant flow of natural gas to your standby generator. Natural gas is also not subject to international events causing availability to decline when needed the most.


Although you should not inhale natural gas, it is non-toxic and is safe for humans and animals. A standby generator run by natural gas will be clean as it will not produce any ash or soot. An odorant can be added to identify if there is a leak so corrective actions can take place as well.

Now is the best time to look into the back up power your whole home needs. Let Midwest Electric & Generator assist you in the best investment you can make for yourself and loved ones. Servicing the Midwest and Metro locations of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, we will provide you with a free in home consultation at your convenience.