Easy As 1, 2, Standby Generator!

Maybe years ago the thought of owning a standby generator seemed a little over the top. However, now-a-days living without electricity is all too common and homeowners simply cannot afford to ride out another power outage!

Midwest Electric & Generator can assist all homeowners with the installation of a home standby generator to protect their familes, investments and most sacred possessions when back up power is needed.

Midwest Electric & Generator makes selecting a home standby generator simple by choosing the correct generator and automatic transfer switch for your home and needs.

1) Strength

First, we will decide if you want to power your central air conditioner during a power outage. When it gets to be summer in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, we feel the heat! Life can be miserable if you do not have your air conditioner ready to go when your standby generator kicks on instantly.

Generally, if you have a 4-ton (or 48,000 BTU) air conditioner, you will need a 17 -kilowatt standby generator.

2) Endurance

When the power goes out, your standby generator from Midwest Electric & Generator will replace the electricity lost from the utility company.

If your electrical panel has a 200-amp main breaker, the maximum amount of electricity your home can consume is 200 amps.

Having the strength and endurance of a standby generator during a power outage is just the peace of mind we need in todays world. Midwest Electric & Generator looks forward to showing you how simple it is to purchase, professionally install, and maintain your standby generator. Call today and see why we are the preferred Generac dealer in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.