Smart Generator, Smart Choice For Residents of St. Paul

Due to the unpredictable weather areas the metro are subject to, having the reliability of an electrical backup system is one smart choice to consider this Spring.

Midwest Electric & Generator proudly serves Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota with professional sales, installation, and maintence of Generac Standby Generators -home power backup that detects a power failure and then initiates within seconds to power your whole home and keep you safe.

Generac Generators will run as long as you have a power supply and are pretty smart. It will not only sense the power outage, but will automatically provide power from your electrical panel. No need to use gasoline or extension cords that can be very dangerous during a power outage.

Your Generac Generator will act as your primary power source during an outage. The automatic detection system keeps you in power even if you are away from the home or simply sleeping at night. Its flawless transition in less than a few seconds will keep intact what’s important, your peace of mind. You can also monitor your generators performance and back up usage from a smart device such as a tablet or smart phone. No need to be within arms length of the unit to know exactly how your backup power is working for you.

There are so many benefits to installing a Generac Generator for your home power backup power. Not only does it save you from roughing it through the next outage, but it can also save you on your homeowners insurance policy, increase your re-sale value, and provided saftey and communication to those around you.

Safety, reliability and protection is key to Midwest Electric & Generator. Our professional and certified technicians will prioritize your needs to find the right sized Generac Generator for your home. Give us a call today to schedule a free in home consultation. It’s a smart choice!