During the Next Power Outage, Will Your Home be “Always ON”?

Your home relies heavily on electricity for a vast number of systems, devices, and appliances that are critical to maintaining a good quality of living as well as everyday necessities. Smart homes are becoming increasingly in demand driving the need to be “always on”. Everything from lighting controls, thermostats, automated blinds, garage doors, Alexas and so much more, people depend on this smart technology. So when utility power is lost, what can you do to ensure you do not miss a beat? Automatic Standby Backup Power is the ultimate solution!

Midwest Electric & Generator is the only Premier Dealer within the 5-state region to install residential, commercial, and industrial standby generator systems to ensure things like your entertainment system, major appliances, pumps or network equipment such as Internet are never interrupted. Regardless of the items needed in today’s “always on” world, Midwest Electric & Generator can provide the peace-of-mind to all homeowners.

Midwest Electric & Generator Is Your Trusted Provider

Midwest Electric & Generator is at the forefront to create awareness and interest in how a standby generator system can protect your assets and supply reliable power even in the event of utility power loss. Our idea is to bring immediate attention to all homeowners or business owners about all the devices around them that require power to help decide which ones they deem critical enough to warrant backup power protection. There is a strong emphasis on how backup power protection increases safety, security, and comfort. You might be surprised at just how many potential applications may need backup power.

Window Blinds and Garage Doors

Many homes today have motorized window blinds that go up and down at the push of a button. Some also have shutters that cover their windows and doors, both for security and to protect against storm damage. It’s not at all unusual to lose power during a storm, but having an automatic standby generator would ensure the homeowner can close the shutters during a storm, keeping everyone safe and protected. Likewise, it would enable them to open the shutters when the storm is over, even if the power is out.
Similarly, garage doors can be an issue. While some systems enable the user to disengage the motor and open and close the door manually, others are impossible to open and close without power. Imagine being stuck with no way to open or close a garage door. Again, an automatic standby generator would ensure accessibility of your garage door.

Home Electronics & Security Systems

Most every home now has some sort of entertainment system, whether it’s just a TV and audio system or a full-fledged in-home theater. Similarly, most have a router supplying an Internet connection, perhaps to one or more desktop PCs and many smartphones and tablets that also need charging. Many have come to really depend on these devices for work and other forms of communication. How long would you be comfortable living without the use of these devices in the event of a power outage?
Many homes now have video surveillance systems and alarm systems that operate around the clock. If the homeowner is away from home when the power goes out, it’ll provide great peace-of-mind to know the system is still working.


Any pump equipment can be one of the biggest reasons to install an automatic standby generator. Many homes with chronically wet basements have sump pumps that expel water from a collection basin, to keep the basement dry. Should the power fail during a storm, or even when lots of groundwater is present, that can result in one soggy basement and a lot of clean-up work.
Homes with swimming pools rely on pumps to circulate water to keep it clean. Homeowners on well water require electric pumps, and perhaps an electric water softener or filtration system. All of these are very practical reasons to install an automatic standby generator -nobody wants to be without water!

Major Appliances

Automatic standby generators can protect major appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and dishwashers in a number of ways. One is to supply backup power in the event of an outage, but another is to protect the appliances from power surges that occur routinely on power lines inside homes.

Medical Equipment

Lastly, a power outage could even be life-threatening when critical medical devices are impacted. Home medical equipment such as respirators, tube feeding devices, and medical beds would almost certainly require backup power for your well-being and safety. The same goes for pet-related systems, such as aquariums, heaters, and fan systems.
Homeowners go to great lengths to make their dwelling spaces comfortable, safe and secure, but power outages are a real threat. Midwest Electric & Generator can help by installing an automatic standby generator. Ultimately enabling you to remain comfortable, safe and secure even during a power outage.

Visit our website and chat us live! Or feel free to call us directly. Midwest Electric & Generator has the backup power solution for you and your needs.