How to Program Date, Time, & Exercise Cycle on Generac Generators

Many folks are not familiar with the new Generac Evolution controller and how to set up the date, time and exercise cycle on their new generator. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is an extremely easy process when you have the navigation menu which can be found in your owner’s manual (Page 13).

You would start at the first screen and select the sub-menus. You do this by using the up/down arrow and then press enter when the “sub-menus” is highlighted. The next screen you will need to arrow up/down to get to the “Edit” prompt and then hit enter. Now you have access to the following five controls available….Language, Fuel Selection, Current Date/Time, Exercise Time and Firmware Update.

You will arrow down until you get to “Current Date/Time” and then hit enter. This will allow you to enter the hour, minute, month, date and year and when done you would hit “enter” to get back to the previous sub-menu. Then you can arrow down one more time to get to the “Exercise Time” and then hit enter. This will allow you to enter the quiet test mode (only available on 17kW & 20kW models), hour, min and day and when done hit enter to get back to previous sub-menu.

From there you can press escape until you get back to the main screen and your date, time and exercise schedule on your new Generac generator should now be set and ready to go.