Setting Exercise Timer- Briggs/ GE

How is the exercise timer set on my home standby generator system?

The home generator is equipped with an exercise timer that will start and exercise the system once every seven days. During this exercise period, the unit runs for approximately 20 minutes and then shuts down. Electrical load transfer DOES NOT occur during the exercise cycle (unless an utility power outage occurs).
A button on the control panel is labeled “SET EXERCISE”. The specific day and the specific time of day this button is pressed is programmed into the control board memory. This date and time is then used to automatically initiate the system exercise cycle. The “SET EXERCISE” legend on the control panel will flash until the set exercise cycle is set.

To perform the Set Exercise procedure:
– Choose the day and time you want your home generator to exercise.
– On that day and time, press and hold “SET EXERCISE” for three seconds.
– “SET EXERCISE” will flash until the button is pressed for three seconds, then “SET EXERCISE” will illuminate for 5 seconds, and finally turn off.
– The unit will then start and run it’s 20 minute exercise cycle.

For example, if you press “SET EXERCISE” on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM, the unit will run an immediate exercise cycle and an exercise cycle every following Sunday at 10:00 AM (+/- 1/2 hour).

– “Set Exercise” will only work if the unit is in the AUTO mode and this exact procedure is followed. The exerciser will need to be re-set if the 15 Amp fuse is removed or changed, or if the starting battery is disconnected.

If you want to change the day and time the unit exercises, simply perform the “Set Exercise” procedure at the exact weekday and time you want it to take place.