Choosing the perfect generator requires buyers to take into account a variety of features, each one differing in importance depending on individual needs and requirements. Do you prefer portable or standby? Propane, diesel, natural gas or gasoline powered? Will it be for home, camping, or professional use? Are you more concerned about powering your refrigerator, lights, television, or the whole home? All of these questions will help you to narrow down the roughly 343, and growing, generator models available so that you can choose the perfect one that fits your power needs.

Instead of selecting specific models from each generator category, we have decided to take a look at the bigger picture. Below is a review of what we feel are the three best generator brands available, taking into account price, selection, quality, reliability, and company history.


In business now for over half of century, Generac Power Systems is one of the most respected and beloved generator brands operating in the world today. The recipient of endless positive testimonials from customers and professional online authorities alike, Generac has consistently scored in the top percentile for standby, general home use, home emergency, propane powered, RV, camping, and professional heavy-use generators. Characterized as producing generators with great fuel efficiency, eco-friendly design, and ease of use and maintenance, Generac products are known for being dependable, durable, and of high quality. With accolades such as Best Home Portable Generator, Best Propane Portable Generator, and Number One Selling Brand of Home Backup Generators, Generac is constantly coming up with innovations that lead the industry. Generac offers the widest variety of generators on the market with power systems ranging in output from 800 watts to 2 megawatts and each covered with up to 10-year warranties. While not the cheapest option, Generac offers a peace of mind that is much more valuable when having power is a necessity and not a luxury.


Kohler has been making generators since 1920 when they introduced their first Model “A” generator set. Since then, Kohler has provided generators to World War II troops, hospitals, the National Weather Service, and homeowners alike. Committed to providing innovative products, world-class engineering, and responsive after-sale support, Kohler works to place itself on the leading edge of total power solutions. Offering generators with a capacity of 8.5 to 125kW, Kohler boasts an average of 10 second startup time and 100% corrosion-proof enclosures. With accomplishments like the Architectural Record 2011 “Top pick,” Building Products magazine’s MVP, and rated highest-quality brand of stationary generators by Builder magazine, Kohler has worked hard to become one of the best names in the generator market. Kohler offers a 5-year/2,000-hour protection warranty.

Briggs & Stratton

Existing for over 100 years, Briggs & Stratton is the oldest competitor in the power product category. Starting out as a creator of engines and later moving into the production of portable generators, the high quality of their engines is what differentiates them from their competitors. Producing 11 million air-cooled gasoline engines per year has made Briggs & Stratton an expert on engines and one of the most trusted brands in North America. In fact, many other companies use their engines in their products because of how durable they are. Not only do Briggs & Stratton generators offer higher efficiency, less noise, low-cost replacement parts, and well-designed service literature, but they also emit 75% lower exhaust emission levels than competing designs. Briggs & Stratton have four lines of generators that vary depending on your power and situational needs, and every generator is tested to work non-stop through a storm. In addition to their rigorous testing, Briggs & Stratton also back their generators up with a three-year limited warranty. If you’re looking for an American-made product that can also give you absolute peace of mind, Briggs & Stratton is a serious contender.


When it comes down to the overall quality, price, durability and customer satisfaction of residential generators, Generac leads the industry. Call Midwest Electric & Generator today for a FREE In-Home Estimate. Your backup power solution is waiting for you! 612-284-1550