How To Prevent the Negative Effects of Power Outages To Your Business

Midwest Electric and Generator proudly serves proactive business professionals throughout greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota for over 25 years. With offices located in the Twin Cities, North Metro and northern areas of Duluth, Midwest Electric and Generator are the experts when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of backup power solutions. This first steps to becoming a proactive customer are to know how you can prevent the negative effects of a power outage.

Create a Business Continuity Plan

  • A continuity plan helps outline how to continue to deliver products and services to your customers regardless of any internal operational problems that may occur because of a power outage. It also helps to ensure that personnel and assets are protected and can still function properly. Identify all potential risks you ay experience and how those risks will impact your business and operations.

Emergency Response Training 

  • After you have created a solid plan, it is very important to train and educate your employees with emergency response drills. This will allow you to evaluate the ability of your employees to complete their job assignments in the event of an emergency.

Install a UPS Device 

  • Contact Midwest Electric and Generator to visit your site to install an uninterruptible power supply device. UPS devices help equipment to stay on temporarily when a power outage occurs. They also allow equipment time to shut down properly. UPS devices use surge protection to help mitigate damage to computers from electrical spikes.

Install an Automatic Standby Generator 

  • Midwest Electric and Generator installs all brands of automatic standby generator systems like Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, GE, Winnco, and more. Having an automatic backup power solution is a simple way to prevent unplanned downtime from power outages. Midwest Electric and Generator offers free estimates to calculate the load size based on the essential equipment your business operates. Midwest’s skillfully trained and certified technicians make the installation simplistic and leave you with the peace of mind that your generator system is installed correctly.

Emergency Backup Fuel 

  • Automatic standby generators have options to run off of natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel. Larger businesses may need to consider having additional fuel tanks for propane or diesel units running for longer periods of time. Midwest Electric and Generator has the ability to test and maintain the fuel to ensure that you have the highest quality fuel to operate your automatic standby generator during an emergency outage.

Once you have made the proactive decision to protect your business and its assets, be sure to schedule your preventative maintenance with Midwest Electric and Generator’s factory trained and certified technicians. Servicing everything from load bank testing, fuel polishing, remote monitoring, and generator fluid replacement and testing, Midwest’s technicians ensure your automatic standby generator will run when you need it the most.

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