Midwest Guide to Generator Maintenance for Your Home

Midwest Electric & Generator provides sales, installation, service, and maintenance to all residents in the 5-state area which are most affected by the unstable electrical grids, storms, cold and hot temperatures, as well as, strong winds and ice. Midwest understands that by no means is a generator a small investment, but it’s certainly worthwhile! Keeping your investment in sounds condition does require maintenance just as any other high-powered machine would.

What does this mean for you?

The Owner’s Manual is Your Best Friend

It’s tedious, it’s long, and it may seem unnecessary, but one of the most important things you can do right after your generator’s installation is to familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual. Of course, this doesn’t mean a careful page-by-page read-through, unless that’s something you want to do! It just means reading enough to understand the generator’s major components, the frequency at which service is required, signs that something may be wrong, and super basic fixes.

Trust the expert, certified generator technicians at Midwest Electric & Generator to provide the resources and knowledge if you ever do get “stumped” learning about your generator.

Don’t Skimp on Oil Service

Just like it is with your car, keeping your generator consistently well-oiled is a foundational part of generator maintenance for your home. Your owner’s manual will let you know what kind of oil works for your generator, how often it needs to be changed for your particular generator or climate, and general guidelines about changing it. That is if you choose to do it yourself. As is the case with your car, not changing your generator’s oil frequently enough could make it likely that your generator won’t be able to withstand the performance demands placed on it during a power outage.

Clean Filters are Key

Similarly to your air conditioning unit, your generator requires that its air filter and oil filter to be checked frequently in order to be kept clean. Though it’s possible to clean your generator filters yourself, this significantly increases the risk of tearing or wearing them down, so we recommended that you opt for changing them out with new filters instead.

Make It Easy

Ultimately, generator maintenance for your home is not something to be forgotten or left on the back burner. It’s probably what’ll make all the difference during a power outage. Luckily, though, that doesn’t mean it has to cause you any stress or inconvenience.

Professional generator maintenance for your home can be as easy as signing up for a Service Membership. You Membership gives you access to all of your generator maintenance needs to make sure everything is well taken care of before the outage happens. To learn more about the convenience and benefits of our monthly generator maintenance plan, don’t hesitate to contact Midwest Electric & Generator! 612-284-1550