Generator Do's & Don'ts

It’s not “IF” but “WHEN” the power goes out! 

When you make the decision to purchase a standby generator, what you are really getting is the power to protect your home and family. Midwest Electric & Generator is here for you every step of the way and for the life of your generator system. Midwest is licensed throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota specializing in the northern areas such as Duluth and Superior as well as the Twin Cities, Metro, Rochester and Fargo areas. Not only does Midwest Electric & Generator stand behind their services and products, but they are the only Premier Dealer within the 5-state region!

Generator Do’s: 

  • Consult and Hire a generator expert who is experienced, licensed and reputable, such as Midwest Electric & Generator.
  • Determine what life-critical and life convenient appliances or circuits you would want to run during a power outage.
    • Don’t forget about the garage door opener!
  • Consider the option to add a generator monitoring device to your generator unit offered by Midwest Electric & Generator.
    • Trust the expert generator service technicians at Midwest Electric & Generator to know the moment your generator unit is in use and utility power is lost. Ultimate peace-of-mind for when you are away from the home!
  • Sign-up for a Maintenance Membership with Midwest Electric & Generator.
  • Enjoy life! No more worrying about the stability of the electrical grid, winter temperatures or thunderstorms!

Generator Don’ts: 

  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect your home and family with special financing available starting at 18 months same as cash!
  • Don’t try to run a portable generator unit during enclimate weather, carrying heavy extension cords, gasoline and facing the harsh elements head on!
  • Don’t rely on your battery backup sump pump for an extended outage!
    • Most battery backups last less than 4 hours!
  • Don’t risk being without water from your well during a power outage!
  • Don’t risk frozen pipes or flooded basements!
  • Don’t be left in the dark!

Midwest Electric & Generator offers FREE estimates and above all peace-of-mind. Call us today to never feel powerless again!