Thinking of Installing a Home Generator?

There are plenty of people out there today attempting to install home generators for their peers or colleagues. What sets Midwest Electric & Generator apart from all of those people is the same thing that sets Midwest apart in our other lines of work, quality and commitment to our customers.

Is one generator manufacture better than the next? 

Depending on the application, we tend to think so! However, the most important part of a backup power home generator is the installation. It doesn’t matter that Cummins runs each and every one of their generators in a test cell, proving its operability before it leaves the factory if the person installing the generator doesn’t know what they are doing. Midwest Electric & Generator’s technicians are factory trained and certified for all Cummins, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, GE, and Kohler generator products.

Not only does Midwest Electric & Generator serve the Twin Cities and Metro areas but they also serve the greater parts of the northland including Duluth, Superior, Great Lakes, Brainerd and regions of North Dakota and Wisconsin. Being the only PowerPro Premier dealer, you can trust the experts at Midwest Electric & Generator with over 30 years of experience in generator systems.

Why settle for second best? 

Good news, you DON’T have to!  The choice is simple and easy for you to make.

Midwest Electric & Generator helps you take control of your power needs from the moment we schedule your free in-home estimate. Midwest handles all permitting, gas work for all residential, commercial and industrial generator systems. Leaving nothing left behind for you to figure out or not understand.

Don’t be left in the dark, call Midwest Electric & Generator today. We are here for you with solutions for reliable standby power for a world that is always on!