Essential & Smart Standby Generator Accessories

Now more than ever before, homeowners depend on the reliability of backup power and the peace of mind that comes with the investment of a standby generator system. Too often we see generator accessories overlooked or deemed unnecessary. The experts at Midwest Electric & Generator would like to discuss what’s required and what’s smart to have.

From The Ground Up

Generator Concrete Pads

We are not recreating the wheel here! Changing temperatures and climates affect the ground where we live. Frost and sandy soil conditions around the Twin Cities, Rochester, Duluth and Fargo areas can cause the ground to shift as well. Concrete pads just like the pad your air conditioner probably sits on is a perfect solution. Generator concrete pads are pre-formed and reinforced to fit the exact size of the residential air-cooled generator. Creating a nice curb appeal with a finished look. Generator concrete pads also provide a solid base for the generator which assists in the prevention of unnecessary vibrations and keeping internal mechanics level. Purchase your GENPAD concrete generator pad as an accessory or include one in your generator installation. Midwest installation technicians can place your concrete pad in the best-desired location and bolt in the generator.

Generator Pier System

Depending on your landscape, maybe a concrete pad is not enough. In these types of situations, Midwest Electric & Generator utilizes a generator pier system that can alter the height your generator needs to be. A generator cannot sit on steep grade slopes, large rocks in a landscape, or dramatically uneven ground, making generator peir systems a wonderful solution. Generator pier systems protect against flooding as well. Many homeowners concerned with low elevations take advantage of raising the generator unit to avoid any potential water damage. Midwest Electric & Generator can quote a generator peir system that is right for your standby generator.

Upgraded Fuel Regulator 

Residential standby generators are powered by natural gas or propane making fuel regulators a very important aspect to ensure the correct pressure to power the unit. Because of this, Midwest Electric & Generator installs only the best fuel regulators available on the market. Designed to avoid clogging from debris, bugs, and be resilient throughout all types of climates. Do not skimp out on the fuel regulator, your generator will be thankful!

Essential Internal Accessories

Generator Battery

The battery is a required accessory as it jump-starts the standby generator to get the engine running. Without a generator battery, the homeowner would ultimately need to be home to pull a recoil to start the unit. That would defeat the purpose and reliability of having an automatic standby generator system! Your generator purchased from Midwest Electric & Generator will include a pre-installed premium starting battery.

Cold-Weather Kit

The oil and the battery inside the generator will serve you well, as long as it doesn’t freeze! Protection from freezing temperatures is required in the state of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Midwest Electric & Generator will pre-install a cold-weather kit to your generator just the same as the generator battery. The cold weather kit consists of a battery wrap, oil heater, and thermostat. The cold-weather kit provided by Midwest Electric & Generator is professionally hardwired into the generator control board. Allowing the generator battery and generator oil will be kept from freezing into a sludge consistency.

Generator Monitoring

Unique to Midwest Electric & Generator, your standby generator receives the added protection of monitoring capabilities from our factory-trained and certified technicians. Homeowners receive real-time updates, statues, and maintenance reminders straight to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Midwest is the first to know almost always if the generator ever needed servicing of any kind! Midwest Electric & Generator is able to remotely start and stop your unit as well as resetting an error code avoiding a potential service call.

Generator monitoring utilizes a remote monitoring system attached to your generator. Monitoring can be connected via WiFi or in areas where the internet is not available, a cellular connection can be used. Midwest Electric and Generator’s cellular monitoring is called Fleet Tracker and is an option for every standby generator system.

Smart Accessories

Smart Management Modules

If you want to get the most power for your money, smart management modules are the perfect generator accessory. Smart management modules connect to individual electric circuits in your home and are each assigned a priority level. The priority level corresponds to the importance of the load during a power outage, and the modules manage what comes on or off depending on what the generator can handle. For example, suppose you connect a module to the circuit controlling your fridge and assign it priority one. Smart modules will work to make sure the fridge is always powered, even if it means cutting power to lower priority items, such as your toaster. By managing power, the modules potentially let you save money by buying a smaller-size generator than you might otherwise need.

Wifi Extenders

Enhance your wifi connectivity to your generator unit with a wifi extender. Midwest Electric and Generator uses premium long-distance extenders. If there is still not a reliable wifi connection using an extender, a cellular monitor would be necessary.

Generac PWRview Energy Monitor

Once installed in the electrical panel, the PWRview sensor begins measuring how the home uses and produces power. Then software computes that information and sends it to a web or smartphone app. Homeowners experience real-time consumption, live meter readings, and energy monitoring without having to register a customer user or wifi account. PWRview is a valuable add-on to any residential generator system.

Accessorize Your Generator

Standby generator accessories can provide extra protection for your investment and enrich the use of your product. If you have any questions about which generator accessories might benefit you, please contact the experts at Midwest Electric & Generator. Our team is happy to provide you a free virtual estimate! BOOK NOW HERE

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