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Know The Difference Between Home Generator Facts & Fiction

Know the difference between FACT and Fiction when it comes to protecting your home with backup power.

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Midwest Electric & Generator are the experts in the standby power industry throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. With over 10,000 completely satisfied customers, we know how to provide the best customer experience when choosing the backup generator system right for your specific needs. Midwest Electric & Generator handles the complete scope of the installation from permitting, gas work, electrical installation, generator monitoring, hybrid systems, and testing. With that said, Midwest understands that many customers have questions about standby power and what are the real home generator facts!

Fact – You Can SAVE Money On Your Electrical Costs

Some customers feel concerned that a standby generator will raise their electric bill. That is quite impossible, to be frank! Your electric bill comes from your utility company, but when the power goes out and you turn on your generator, utility power is not in use – there is no meter running!

Automatic standby generators do not run on electricity either. Alternatively, generators create electricity during a power outage. Portable generators typically run on gasoline while standby generators run on either natural gas, propane, or diesel. In some models, you can also have the option for duel or tri-fuel generators. You can expect a slight increase from your natural gas cost if you have a natural gas generator.

Ask Midwest Electric & Generator about Peak-Shave opportunities available from your power company. You may be able to save even more on your power bill!

Fact – Generators Are NOT Permitted Inside Detached Garages Or Other Inside Structures

NO! It is extremely dangerous and unsafe to run any generator of any type in a detached garage, outdoor shed, inside the home, or any enclosed area. It’s not even safe if the garage door is left open. Exhaust gases produced by the generator can accumulate, creep into your home, and poison you and your entire family. When continuing to read the list of home generator facts, please take this one very seriously. You must run your generator outside, several feet away from any doors or windows.

FICTION – Generators Can Be Connected Through The Dryer Outlet

Generators cannot be connected through the dryer outlet or any outlet in a home. This is called back-feeding. Not only is it illegal, but deadly to utility workers! Basically, back-feeding sends power back into the electrical system which can cause a fire in your home and even electrocute a utility worker trying to fix a power line outside.

The other dangerous part of this is that, in order to back-feed, you need an electrical cord with two male ends. These cords are illegal and you can be electrocuted by grabbing the other male end.  Just simply do not do it!

FICTION – Generators Power Everything

Residential Automatic Standby Generator

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Unfortunately, not all appliances you want to power are made equal! Yes, generators can send electrical power into any appliance, but not all generators send the right kind of power to every appliance.

Without getting too complicated, most standard portable emergency generators produce electricity with high total harmonic distortion. High total harmonic distortion can damage sensitive electronic equipment like computers, phones, and tablets. So, if you plug your computer into one of these generators, you are risking the life of those electronics.

To power sensitive equipment, you would require a generator that produces a total harmonic distortion of less than 5%, also known as clean power. Inverter generators and permanently installed standby generators all produce clean power.

Fact – All Generators Create Noise

There are many low-noise generators available. These are perfect for meeting campground decibel requirements and sleeping soundly during the night of a power outage.

There is no such thing as a noiseless gas-powered generator. Think about it—there’s an engine inside, so manufacturers can only muffle the sound so much. You can expect your standby generator to be around 68Db, similar to an air conditioner unit, and quieter than a push lawn mower when running at full capacity.

Fact – Generator Size Does Matter

A generator is not a piece of equipment you can just blindly buy and expect it to meet your needs. Generators come in a huge range of power outputs. Typically, the more power a generator produces, the more it costs.

For example, you can’t buy a 10,000-watt portable generator and expect it to run your whole house. Will it run a few key appliances like a refrigerator, lights, microwave, and a sump pump? Sure, however, before buying a generator, you must calculate what size you need. Midwest Electric & Generator offers FREE Estimates to calculate the total electrical load evaluate your specific needs. Often times, the experts at Midwest can provide alternative solutions such as Smart Management Modules to get the most out of your generator unit. With 0% interest-free financing options, homeowners now have an affordable opportunity to power their entire home automatically.

FICTION – The Transfer Switch Determines The Power Output

Transfer Switch Installed In Basement Of Home

Midwest provides clean electrical installations and connections.

If you buy a 200-amp transfer switch for your generator, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get 200 amps of power to your home. In order to get 200-amps of power, your electrical service panel and generator must also be rated for 200-amps. All three components (generator, transfer switch, and panel) must handle the desired amperage or else you won’t get it. Something to keep in mind during the purchasing process.

Fact – Power Outages Happen!

There are real benefits in having a backup power generator, especially those with medical needs, live in areas that are affected by inclimate weather, and run businesses. Even if there is only one power outage per year, you never know how long you could be without light, heat, water, and susceptible to flooding and food loss. Protect your home and family with the ultimate peace-of-mind you get from knowing you will have power during a prolonged outage!

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