Generac 22kW – Top Generator Pick

Midwest’s #1 Top Generator Pick is…

Generac 22kW – Model #7033

Introducing the Generac 22kW Automatic Standby Generator. Fully designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

Equipped to provide backup power to most residential homes in the Twin Cities, Metro, Northland, Wisconsin, and North Dakota!  

The Details

The Generac 22kW is fitted with a Generac OHVI G-force engine that produces 22 kilowatts of power on propane and 19.5 kilowatts on natural gas. The generator’s power delivery is sufficient to power whole-house loads, including high-wattage units like electric stoves and air conditioning units. The engine works together with True Power technology to deliver high-quality, stable power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, making it ideal for powering your sensitive electronics.

You will want to pair this standby generator with the Generac 200 AMP, NEMA 3 whole-house transfer switch. This transfer switch is rated for indoor and outdoor usage. In the event of a power outage, the generator will automatically start within 30 seconds or less! 

One of the Generac 22kW’s standout features is the WiFi-enabled remote monitoring. With this feature, you can access things like the generator’s current operating status and maintenance schedule from any smart device anywhere in the world. This means you do not have to be home or near the generator to keep tabs on your generator. Most power outages can last for hours. In some circumstances even days. The need to be properly prepared is great! 

The Generac 22kW has a control panel with a multilingual LCD which provides you with information on the generator’s battery status, maintenance intervals, and much more. The enclosure is made of aluminum, and it is powder-coated to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations, the sun’s UV rays, and water damage. The generator unit is rodent proof and comes with a PVC pad standard. Midwest Electric & Generator offers a preformed concrete pad for an additional charge that will maintain most landscapes and protect your generator from erosion. 


  • The Largest Air-Cooled Standby Generator on the Market
  • Features a Quiet Self-Test Mode
  • True Power Technology Produces Clean Power
  • Commercial Grade V-Twin Engine
  • Purpose Engineered
  • Wifi-Enabled Remote Monitoring
  • LCD Control Board

Given the Generac 22kW has the highest output for air-cooled standby generators, this backup generator delivers sufficient power to meet most household power requirements. This generator is suitable for powering your most electronics.

Why Should I Buy This Generator?

There are many reasons to invest in the Generac 22kW automatic standby generator. Below are some of the most critical or obvious ones. Addressing the needs to have a reliable standby generator ready are important!

  • Living In An Area That Experiences Extreme Weather 

Some areas are prone to weather-related outages. Some characterized by extreme temperatures creating the constant need for airconditioning or heat to uphold comfort and safety. Others experience high winds that can damage power lines. And let’s not forget the heavy snow and ice we receive every year.

  • Storing A Large Amount of Food 

It is recommended that perishable food items are thrown away if the refrigerator has been without power for at least four hours. This can be devastating to someone that hunts and stores meat, or very costly to just replace all your everyday refrigerated goods.

  • Working From Home

In today’s world, we see the increase in demand for people to stay at home and work from home. Going without electricity for even an hour can cause significant problems to fellow employees, customers, and clients. If you own your own business, a power outage could cost you thousands in lost income and productivity.

  • Your Home Has A Well-Pump

During a power outage, the well-pump and water filtration systems will not supply you with fresh, safe water. You do not want to take for granted having drinking, cooking, and cleaning water readily available!

  • Your Home Has A Sump Pump

Most homes where we live have sump pumps to maintain dryness in a crawlspace or basement. Power outages pose hazardous and make the home vulnerable to water damages if the sump pump is not in operation.

Highly Important!

  • Use Of Electronic Medical Devices

Suffer from sleep apnea and have a c-pap machine? Do you or your someone in your household require an oxygen tank, power lift chair, adjustable bed, or medical monitor? Losing electricity to those or similar devices would be catastrophic! An automatic standby generator eliminates this fear keeping you and the one you love protected.

  • Away From Your Home Often

Maybe you have multiple properties, enjoy traveling, or just away from the home for prolonged periods of time. Having a standby backup generator can help protect your home from outage-related emergencies. You can receive real-time wifi monitoring to keep you informed. Where wifi is not available, there is an option for cellular remote monitoring. No matter where you live or where you travel, your generator will provide the ultimate peace-of-mind!


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