Standby Generator Home Values Increase

Will my home increase in value if I install a whole-home standby generator? 


Standby generator home values increase by providing power to your home when your electric company cannot.  Loss of power can simply be a result of a blown transformer in your neighborhood. More common in the Twin Cities, Metro, Duluth, Brainerd and Rochester areas, where storms shut down utility power frequently. Loss of power can also be as complex as a region-wide, grid disabling natural disasters like those of hurricanes, earthquakes, and alike.

Power outages cost American families about 150 billion dollars a year. Both locally and nationally, our power grid is under stress due to complex power-consuming devices and an ever-growing population. The aging electrical grid is a problem to be addressed especially when areas with a greater population are serviced first. Leaving rural areas without power for many hours, days, or even weeks.

Whole-home standby generators have become the ultimate solution in providing emergency power during a disruption of service by your electrical utility company.  Electrical utility loss means loss of refrigeration, heating and cooling systems, life support systems, sump pumps, and domestic hot water. Now it becomes easy to understand how standby generator home values increase!

How Do Standby Generators Work?

The Automatic transfer switch senses electrical utility loss and sends a signal to the generator unit. Standby generators are designed to automatically engage within 30 seconds of electrical utility loss. When power is restored, your generator shuts down and your home reconnects to the electrical grid automatically.  It is a seamless transition that makes standby home generators ideal for families with small children, elderly, or homes that require electrically powered, life-sustaining medical equipment.

Standby generators can be used to provide power to rural areas where homes are “off the grid”, and in recent years, are being installed in commercial buildings like schools, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency data facilities where power is essential during a catastrophe.

To some, the benefits of having a standby home generator outweigh the investment.  Meaning, the convenience of a generator automatically engaging within 30 seconds of a power loss, whether you are home or away, is worth the cost. The intangible value of a generator is clearly apparent when your home is the only one on the block with lights! Not to mention a working refrigerator, and a heating or air conditioning system.

Expert Standby Generator Installation

Installing a standby home generator is not a “do it yourself” project. They are installed permanently outside and can provide uninterrupted power use for days.  They are connected directly to your home’s electrical panel and are powered by either natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. Trust the experts at Midwest Electric & Generator for their know-how in the generator industry. All generator technicians are factory certified, trained and background checked. Following all the safety practices to have your generator system up and running flawlessly.

Midwest Electric & Generator consists of licensed Master Electricians specializing in all sizes of standby generator systems. Midwest standby generator installations are completed in-house and turn-key.  Midwest Electric & Generator obtains all permits and follows all code requirements per county and state guidelines. The particulars of installing a home generator are complex, so leave it to the generator experts at Midwest Electric & Generator to create the best standby power solution.

Professionally Installed Standby Generator Home Values Increase

Installing a standby generator will increase the resale value of your home. Consumer Reports state that most homes increase in value by 5% on average.  You can expect your standby generator to provide up to a 150% return on your investment. Meaning, if you spent $12,000 on installing a generator, your home value may increase up to $18,000.

Midwest Electric & Generator’s professional estimator will need to assess your home to properly size your generator to include all appliances that you would like to use during a power outage.  They will provide you with the best solution for your home in terms of the type and size of the generator. The estimator will thoroughly explain the installation process and answer any questions you may have.

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So, do you really need a home generator?  The answer is that a generator is an investment in your home, your family’s safety, and your comfort.  Is that something you can live without?

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